Linda Schneider

Linda Schneider? Right here! I’m Linda, an aspiring designer studying Graphic and Information Design at the New Design University in St. Pölten. Currently based in Vienna, I am constantly seeking inspiration, influence, and experience from around the world.

As a teenager, designing to me was simply a hobby (I didn’t even know it could be a job), which explains why I’m so passionate about it. To pursue my dream in design, I worked my way from the countryside to the city and then to University where I receive a broad input and education on various fields.

However, I always crave the experi­ence of working with colleagues and clients since I believe brilliant design is the result of inspired minds and ambitious collaborators.

For inquiries, collaborations and questions please don’t hesitate to e‑mail:

  • New Design University,
    Graphic- & Information Design, BA,
    St. Pölten, AUT,
  • Institute for Economic Promotion of the Austrian Economic Chambers,
    Foundation Course,
    St. Pölten, AUT,
  • University of Vienna,
    English and American Studies,
    Vienna, AUT,
  • Julius Meinl GmbH,
    Graphic Designer,
    Vienna, AUT,
  • New Design University,
    Member of the Student Council,
    Consultant for Education,
    Part of the Faculty Council,
    St. Pölten, AUT,
  • German/English Tutor,
    Vienna/Burgenland, AUT,
  • Österreichische Kontrollbank,
    Export Services (Internship),
    Vienna, AUT,
  • ATP Architects and Engineers,
    Architect (Internship),
    Vienna, AUT,