Linda Schneider

The First Look

Information-/ Editorialdesign

A collection of maps, data, photographs and thoughts about a closer look at my small hometown.

The briefing of this project was to deal with the immediate environment and to collect data about it. In this context, different maps were created: an orientation map of the place, a 1:1 map of a square metre, a diagram of a whole street, as well as a map of the field within a walkable 5 minute radius. The process as well as maps were presented within this documentation, which highlights the area the data was collected from and encourages the readers to also take a closer look at their surroundings.

Next Project

Reception Area Signage

Information Design, Signage

A team of interior designs developed different approaches to redesign the reception area of the WIFI in St. Pölten. I supported each team by doing the signage and graphic wall elements.